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Top Four Reasons Chronically Disorganized People Don’t Hire Organizers

When you boil it down, there are two types of disorganization: Situational and Chronic.  Situational disorganization happens after a life event (Move, New Job, Marriage, Divorce, Death of family member, New Baby) and is usually temporary.  The Chronically disorganized usually have a life long struggle with organizing

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Stop Playing Phone Tag!

Do you find yourself calling the same person 3 times and always getting their voice mail?  Are you tired of calling someone back, getting their voice mail and because you have no idea what they needed, leaving a ‘please call me back’ message?  Let’s join forces to

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The 24 Hour Rule

I was working with someone last week to schedule a meeting with 7 other people. We had sent out an email with all the details and gave a deadline 5 days out to respond to various action items.  On the day of the deadline, we had still

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Procrastination is a useful tool

As I was sitting in my office practicing the fine art of procrastination, I began thinking about why people (me included) procrastinate. I came up with two basic reasons: 1. It is something that you just don’t like to do (or there is something you would rather

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As I was working with several clients this past week, all busy moms, there seemed to be a common theme. PERFECTIONISM. It seems like a nice word. Even seems like something you want to strive for. But what I was finding amongst these busy women was that

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