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10 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Who would have thought that being organized could improve your sex life? The truth is that when you work, manage a house, and have kids, “extra” time is not something that comes easily. But with some thoughtful planning, you can (and should) definitely make more time for

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9 Ways to NOT Waste Time While Waiting

    I have three kids and a job, so that means I am constantly driving someone somewhere and waiting.  Plus, I am an organizer, so I hate to waste time.  Here are 9 ways I have found to not waste time while waiting.  Between sports activities,

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Top Four Reasons Chronically Disorganized People Don’t Hire Organizers

When you boil it down, there are two types of disorganization: Situational and Chronic.  Situational disorganization happens after a life event (Move, New Job, Marriage, Divorce, Death of family member, New Baby) and is usually temporary.  The Chronically disorganized usually have a life long struggle with organizing

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25 Things To Do When You Have A Two Hour Delay

                The dreaded two hour delay.  You whole day hasn’t gotten derailed, but the morning sure has.  Here are 25 things you can do when you are home with the kids for 2 extra hours in the morning.  You can

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Get 10 More Hours Out of your Week

If you are a busy professional, then chances are you have more money than time. If you constantly feel like you need 30 hours in a day to get everything done then it is time to take a closer look at where you spend your time. What

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Don’t Forget! Organizing Tips for Remembering Things

On any given day we need to remember a ton of things: what to get at the grocery store, take our vitamins, brush our teeth, call someone, email someone else, send a birthday card, etc. How can we possibly remember everything that we need to do? In

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Stop Playing Phone Tag!

Do you find yourself calling the same person 3 times and always getting their voice mail?  Are you tired of calling someone back, getting their voice mail and because you have no idea what they needed, leaving a ‘please call me back’ message?  Let’s join forces to

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The 24 Hour Rule

I was working with someone last week to schedule a meeting with 7 other people. We had sent out an email with all the details and gave a deadline 5 days out to respond to various action items.  On the day of the deadline, we had still

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I Can’t Do It All By Myself!

My husband regularly makes fun of me for always having my ‘team’ of people that I need to run my life. My ‘team’ consists of quite a few people in various categories and I feel that their contributions make me a much happier and successful businesswoman, mother

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Microsoft Outlook Saved My Marriage

Any of you out there in a relationship or married have probably had the following conversation. Person 1 – “I have a long work day today and I won’t be home until late because I have a meeting with the bossman at 5:30 p.m.” Person 2 –

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