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Top Tips for Managing the Flu

The arrival of old man winter also brings with it peak flu season.  How can you keep yourself and family healthy during this time? Here are our top tips for managing the flu. We all know the basics of washing our hands frequently with soap and water,

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New Year’s Resolutions – Week One

So, we are one week into our New Year’s Resolutions 6 week accountability program and we are off to a rough start!  Like many of you, we are busy getting back into the swing of real life after time off over the holidays.  I would say that

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Top 5 Tips on Organizing for Summer Camp

There are only a few more weeks of school and then summer is upon us.  The kids are thrilled that summer is almost here, but personally, it brings me another set of ‘to dos’ in the form of prepping for summer camp.  Whether your kids are going

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Don’t Forget! Organizing Tips for Remembering Things

On any given day we need to remember a ton of things: what to get at the grocery store, take our vitamins, brush our teeth, call someone, email someone else, send a birthday card, etc. How can we possibly remember everything that we need to do? In

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Organizing for the Flu

With all the news reports of a record flu season, you better get prepared.  Today, we are organizing for the flu.   Even if you escape the flu, there are still a bunch of different viruses that are circulating around throughout the winter months.  You can do

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Stop Playing Phone Tag!

Do you find yourself calling the same person 3 times and always getting their voice mail?  Are you tired of calling someone back, getting their voice mail and because you have no idea what they needed, leaving a ‘please call me back’ message?  Let’s join forces to

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The 24 Hour Rule

I was working with someone last week to schedule a meeting with 7 other people. We had sent out an email with all the details and gave a deadline 5 days out to respond to various action items.  On the day of the deadline, we had still

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The Great Purge of 2011!

I was talking a friend this morning who is undergoing a whole life makeover.  She is reinventing her                                                                                                                                           business, her home and even has a new hair color.  Since the motivation for change was running rampant, she and her husband decided to go room by room go

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Oops…I Forgot My Underwear

You know how it happens. As mothers, we are in charge of packing everything for a vacation. We pack for our kids. We make sure that the clothes are all cleaned before we leave. We pack the food and entertainment for the trip. We make sure that

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I Can’t Do It All By Myself!

My husband regularly makes fun of me for always having my ‘team’ of people that I need to run my life. My ‘team’ consists of quite a few people in various categories and I feel that their contributions make me a much happier and successful businesswoman, mother

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