Organizing for the Flu

With all the news reports of a record flu season, you better get prepared.  Today, we are organizing for the flu.   Even if you escape the flu, there are still a bunch of different viruses that are circulating around throughout the winter months.  You can do everything right: wash your hands, eat healthy, get plenty of rest and still get sick, so here are some of our tips and tricks for surviving flu season.

  • Have a ‘middle of the night’ emergency kit.  Have a bucket or small trashcan and fill it with paper towels, lysol or disinfecting wipes, old wash cloths and hand sanitizer for when you or someone in your family gets a stomach bug in the middle of the night.  You don’t want to have to run downstairs and collect supplies at 2 a.m.  You may even want one or two waterproof pads to put on the bed if you have small kids.
  • Check your stock of medicines.  Make sure you have everything you or your kids would need for the onset of symptoms: pain reliever, fever reducer, decongestants, cough medicine or their natural equivalents.  If you use nebulizers or humidifiers, check their filters or keep extra on hand.  If you have a full stock, check their expiration dates to make sure all are still current.
  • Have a sick day bin with stuff to keep the kids occupied if they are stuck at home.  This could include: videos they haven’t seen, coloring books, legos, books or other self-contained and not-too-messy activities.
  • Set up a small section of your pantry with easy-to-make or ready-made soups, noodles, Gatorade (or other electrolyte/rehydrating drinks), crackers, jello, etc.  Items that are easy on the stomach or easy to make for the non-sick family member who is stuck cooking for you sick people.
  • Have a back up plan!  If you are working crazy hours or work a distance from your child’s school.  Have a list of people who could and would be willing to pick up your sick child from school and keep them until you get home.
  • Have a list of delivery places for groceries, meals, prescriptions, etc.
  • Have your boss’ or some of your co-worker’s home phone numbers.  If you are sick or need to stay home with a sick kid, be nice and let your boss or co-workers know as soon as possible.  This is especially important if appointments need to be cancelled or if someone at work needs to deal with your work.

We all get sick from time to time, but if we are organized and prepared we can at least minimize the impact that it has on us and our families.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013!

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