Estate Clearouts

Losing a loved one is hard enough.  Deciding what to do with their lifetime of belongings, a house, memorabilia AND managing that process is overwhelming.  We can help!

We work closely with family members, executors and estate attorneys to manage the process of clearing an estate.  The process can move slowly or quickly depending on your needs, budget, and comfort level. We can work in a team of two so that you can stay involved in every aspect of the project, or we can bring in a larger team to complete a project quickly. We even host virtual sessions with out-of-town family members to ensure all items end up in the proper homes!

Our estate clearing services are full service.  We can coordinate everything!

  • Catalog and inventory personal property
  • Review & sort paperwork to capture all accounts, vendors & policies
  • Work with heirs to divide and distribute inherited personal property
  • Auction or donate remaining furniture, household goods and artwork
  • Clear property for sale and coordinate all third-party vendors
  • Assist in cancellation of services

An in-person consultation is required for these services, and estimates will be provided. Please contact us online to schedule a consultation.