Oops…I Forgot My Underwear

You know how it happens. As mothers, we are in charge of packing everything for a vacation. We pack for our kids. We make sure that the clothes are all cleaned before we leave. We pack the food and entertainment for the trip. We make sure that the mail gets collected, the plants get watered, etc. AND….we have to pack for ourselves. Years ago I made a packing list for a basic trip. Unfortunately, time has passed and I am married with two kids and I have never sat down and updated my list. I made a new list for the kids and their stuff, but I never updated my own list. So, as I unpacked the suitcase of my stuff and the kids stuff when we arrived at Great Wolf lodge last week, I was shocked to find out that I didn’t pack a single pair of underwear for myself (LOL, right?).

What makes this even funnier is that I never put underwear on my list. I never put it on the list the same way I never put ‘contact lenses’ on my list….they were a no brainer! What I have learned in this adventure (had to find a mall and buy some new underwear, pronto), is that with my mommy-brain in full swing there is no such thing as a no-brainer. Here is the valuable nugget that I want to pass along to all of you: Don’t depend on your brain!

Lists exist so that you can idiot proof the packing process. They exist to take the stress out of remembering what you need to do. Here is a great basic site that you plug in a little information and it will give you a packing list: https://upl.codeq.info/. My recommendation to you is that you take this basic list and add or subtract anything that you notice is missing as you pack. Save that list and then you will have a template for your next trip. This will help you avoid the embarrassment of forgetting your underwear!

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Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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