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The Great Purge of 2011!

I was talking a friend this morning who is undergoing a whole life makeover.  She is reinventing her                                                                                                                                           business, her home and even has a new hair color.  Since the motivation for change was running rampant, she and her husband decided to go room by room go

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4 Organizing Documents that will Save Your Life and Your Money

You always hear lawyers and financial planners talk about your will, power of attorney and advanced directives being the MOST important documents that you can have.  In my 9+ years as a professional organizer, I have worked with LOTS of clients who have had loved ones get

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Are you a social driver, passenger or bike rider?

I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of people when it comes to social lives.  There are drivers,     passengers and bike riders.  I have always been a social driver.  For years, I have been the one with a spreadsheet for my social calendar

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Oops…I Forgot My Underwear

You know how it happens. As mothers, we are in charge of packing everything for a vacation. We pack for our kids. We make sure that the clothes are all cleaned before we leave. We pack the food and entertainment for the trip. We make sure that

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Great article on Mompreneurs

I am excited to announce that there is a great article about me and some fellow mompreneurs in this week’s Jewish Times. The issue will be on newsstands tomorrow, but if you want a sneak peak….

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I Can’t Do It All By Myself!

My husband regularly makes fun of me for always having my ‘team’ of people that I need to run my life. My ‘team’ consists of quite a few people in various categories and I feel that their contributions make me a much happier and successful businesswoman, mother

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As I was working with several clients this past week, all busy moms, there seemed to be a common theme. PERFECTIONISM. It seems like a nice word. Even seems like something you want to strive for. But what I was finding amongst these busy women was that

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Spring Clean Your Pantry

The weather is getting warmer, finally! For me, that means that I can stop cooking soups and stews and all the comfort foods that I make all winter. But, that also means stocking my pantry and freezer in a different way and with different items. It is

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Emergency Preparedness

So, the obsessive nesting phase that I went through while pregnant with my daughter (now 19 mos old) finally paid off. My husband thought that I was insane at the time (probably a fair assessment of someone 8 mos prego in July) for making an emergency kit

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There is a quote that I love that says, “Frustration is mismanaged expectations” and I couldn’t agree more. There are some many things in life that cause us frustration OR maybe we are causing others to be frustrated because we are setting their expectations too high. Have

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