Spring Clean Your Pantry

The weather is getting warmer, finally! For me, that means that I can stop cooking soups and stews and all the comfort foods that I make all winter. But, that also means stocking my pantry and freezer in a different way and with different items. It is time for a pantry and freezer clean out! Here are four quick tips for clearing out and organizing your pantry and freezer:

  • Check Expiration Dates – trash all items that are past their expiration dates or use them quickly if their expiration is fast approaching.
  • Determine Your Seasonal Cooking Staples – (i.e. Beans, Oatmeal & Soups in the Winter; Cereal, Meats & Condiments for BBQs in the Summer)
  • Never Impulse Buy. Always Shop From a List. – This will prevent you from having items that you will never use and save you money!
  • Sort and Store Food by Category – Keep all the items for a specific category together (i.e. Italian, Mexican, Breakfast, Snacks). Keep bins with your kids lunch snack items for easy grab and go lunch packing.

Hope your spring gets off to a wonderful start! Stay tuned for tips on Spring Cleaning your closet and garage!!

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