Life Management

Do you feel completely out of control? Drowning in stuff? Don’t know where to start? These programs are geared to help you regain control!

Seesaw Assessment: $450

If you feel like you are standing on a seesaw and constantly shifting back and forth unsuccessfully trying to balance work and home, then this is a great start for you.  In this two hour in-depth session, we will look at all the areas in your life that you are juggling and formulate strategies and systems to bring your goals into focus and make your days productive with less stress and guilt.

Life Revolution Program: $2400

Are you ready to minimize your guilt and stress and maximize your productivity to reach your goals?  This program is for high achieving overwhelmed moms to shift your life from the unattainable concept of work/life balance to a life that works for you!  This eight week program combines in-person sessions with phone coaching to make it time efficient with maximum benefit.  Unlimited email support is available during the program and for one month following the completion of the program.

Family Revolution Program: $895

  • Are you always running late and doing things at the last minute?
  • Is your home a disaster zone?
  • Is your family unwilling to help around the house?
  • Do you find yourself exhausted all the time?
  • Do you lack quality time with your family and for yourself?

This program is for families that feel out of control and want to start working like a team.  A combination of coaching, an in-home session with the heads of household and a half day session with the whole family will get you on track.  Our goal is to empower each member of the family to feel like  a valued member of the team.  Working as a team will give each member of the household (including you!) the room and time to grow in mind, body and spirit.