Basement Overhaul

I took the summer off from blogging so that I could spend a little extra time with the kids, but now that school is back in session it is time to get back to work. I want to show you some great before and after pictures of the basement overhaul we completed this week. This client was a busy family with their third child on the way. Some family and friends had asked them to store items for them in the basement which started the clutter. Then they had grandma and grandpa move in with them and there were now more items to store. Then, life just got busy and anything that they couldn’t make a decision on went to the basement. Any time there was company coming over and there were piles anywhere, they went to the basement. Out of sight, out of mind…..except with #3 on the way they realized that the basement had gotten out of control and they wanted all their ducks in a row before #3 shows up. We put up some great shelving to get the bins and boxes off the floor for easy access, cleaning and in case of water seepage since it is an unfinished basement. We used lots of clear bins (labeled, of course) but clear helps you see what you need and allows you to access things more easily. This was a great project with wonderful, motivated clients and even grandpa did his part in sorting his items and sending some off for donation!

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