As you have all probably experienced over the past month, gift giving can be a challenge if you are not organized. You may buy gifts on sale throughout the year and then not be able to find them when you need them or you forget to give the person the gift (I have received MANY gifts from my Mom YEARS after they were intended). Pre-buying gifts is only a good idea IF:

  • You are organized enough to remember that you bought it
  • You have a central location for all pre-bought gifts so you can find things easily
  • The gift could serve another purpose or be given to a different person

I left a client’s house the other day and passed a Blockbuster store that was going out of business. I had a few extra minutes and decided to take a lap around to see what was on super-clearance. I ended up buying $20 worth of cool microwavable popcorn buckets and tons of movie candy that would have cost about $50-60 retail. This was a good purchase because I could make a little ‘movie night’ basket for a hostess gift, for the upcoming silent auction for my son’s school, or for a fun birthday present. Last night I received the email about the upcoming silent auction for my sons’ school (I am class mom) and we needed to let the coordinator know what our class would be donating by some date two weeks from now. I was able to immediately email back the theme of our classroom’s basket and in less than 3 minutes print out flyers to hand to the other kids in class to give everyone plenty of time to add their donations to the pot. That felt pretty cool!

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