Ringya – Our Favorite App of October 2013

ringya pic

Here is a screen shot of my Ringya screen

As busy, working professional organizers here at No More Piles, we are always on the look out for new apps that help us stay organized and improve our productivity.  Here is our favorite app for October 2013:  Ringya.   https://ringya.com/  This app is available on both apple and android stores.  The app is amazing because it allows you to take a picture (or email) a phone list and it imports the names and contact information contained in the list.  You can now send texts or emails to anyone on the list. This is perfect for class lists, the soccer team roster or even your team at work.  I can send an instant group text or email to every parent in my daughter’s class to find a sub for the day I am supposed to volunteer.  Or, I can send a group text to my No More Piles team to check on a matter.  The best part is that if someone from the class calls me, and I don’t know them, it gives me a message of “John Smith from Mrs. Brockmeyer’s First Grade Class”, which will keep you from answering your phone without thinking it is a stranger.

Even better, it doesn’t add them to your contacts, but creates a temporary contact folder so that if you delete the list from Rigya, it will also be deleted from the temporary folder.  Whether I emailed the list, or took a picture, it worked like a charm.

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