The Blizzard Effect

Blizzard 2016









I had everything planned.  I started the first week of the year with lots of business planning.  I blocked several days to really dig in and get all my personal, marketing and writing goals set for 2016.  I was motivated, energized and ready to jump in to 2016 with both feet.

Then, the blizzard happened.  It started with an early dismissal on Friday of my two children.  There goes a productive Friday.  Then, with 30+ inches of snow in the next 36 hours, we hunkered down and enjoyed our family time.  I cooked and baked.  We entertained our neighbors and kids and had a few glasses of wine since there was no way anyone was driving anywhere.  It was a fun weekend!

Megan and friend in the igloo

Megan and friend in the igloo









I knew that we weren’t going to have school for a few days, so I proceeded to reschedule my Monday and Tuesday clients.  I thought I would make the most of the days at home and get some writing done in the office and create the back log of articles and blog posts that I would love to have and never make the time for.  DID NOT HAPPEN!

I spent Monday and Tuesday making hot chocolate every hour for the kids coming in and out of the snow.  I spent those two days drying the seemingly endless amounts of wet clothing, socks, gloves, hats, coats so they could head back outside.  I was called in as head referee for the snow balls fights and to make sure everyone got turns on the “best” sled and reminded them not to walk over the top of the igloo that Dad helped them build.

By Wednesday, I was in a blizzard depression.  I was tired after 5 days of snow and being stuck inside with the kids and the noise.  I love the outdoors, but I can only take so much of freezing temperatures and back-to-back days of sledding and shoveling.  I was annoyed that I had now rescheduled my entire week.  I was tired of trying to head into my home office in the hopes of getting some stuff done only to get interrupted.  By Thursday, I wished I lived on a tropical island and would never see snow again.

I had just lost a whole week of productivity.  I know, I know, I should have enjoyed the time that I had with my kids because they won’t be young forever.  Blah, blah, blah.  I just spent the two weeks of winter break spending lots of quality time with the family.  So, after 7 straight days of being home with the kids, I just wanted to go to work (and them to go to school)!  Plus, on top of that, I felt that I had lost all the energy and motivation that I had to really take 2016 by the horns.

I walked into my office Monday morning when thankfully schools were back in session and on time and took a long hard look at the vision board that I had created.  I realized that I was not going to get anywhere by blaming the blizzard.  The blizzard had slowed me down (losing a week of productivity), but it certainly wasn’t going to stop me.

The Blizzard Effect can happen under many different circumstances that are outside our control.  It could be an illness, the death of a loved one, a layoff or some other unexpected event.   We need to be flexible and forgiving of ourselves when we get derailed and then “put on our big girl panties” and get back on track.

Watch out 2016!  I’m back!

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